August 25, 2020

Uber for X Start Up Ideas

Alexa James @cubetaxi

Uber started as a taxi service that is based on an on demand mobile app but quickly turned into a phenomenon that can quickly and effectively provide any kind of service to the customer with the help of a mobile app. To enable entrepreneurs to utilize the Uber business model for any kind of service, the rise of the Uber for X app happened. While things moved slowly initially, things picked up pace in the last decade. As more and more people started utilizing their smart phones for all their needs, the Uber for X business model was quickly on the rise.

What is Uber for X?

Just like Uber is an app to hail a taxi, the Uber for X simplifies procuring any kind of service with the same flow of app like Uber. The app is a simple software that would enable a user to log in and look for a service provider in the nearby area and then hire him or her. The hired service provider would arrive at the address of the customer like a taxi would arrive at the pick up location and deliver their services.

Let us understand the flow of the app in detail:

a. The user downloads the app and logs in to it.
b. Please note that the user can log in to the app with either Facebook or Gmail or fill in a small registration form for the same.
c. Then the user selects the service that they want, for example, if they want on demand beautician services, they will click on beauty services and look for the sub service within, like hair services, facial services, pedicure services or manicure etc.
d. Then when the customer selects the service that they want, they will be able to see the service providers offering beauty services in and around the area. This area or radius of action is selected or determined by the admin of the app.
e. Now, the customer can select the service provider based on the star rating awarded to them by their previous customers or even by the price that they have quoted for the selected service.
f. Once they finalize the service provider, they are presented with a notification on the app. The service provider can either accept or reject this job request based on their availability etc.
g. In case they reject the request, the customer is notified of the same and requested to hire someone else.
h. In case they accept the request, the user is notified that the request is accepted and that the service provider has confirmed.
i. Then, when the service provider is en route, the user can track their movement on a map within the app.
j. The service provider arrives at their destination and offers the services.
k. After this, the app automatically makes the payment for the service.
l. The user and the service provider are now free to give each other a star rating.

How can you start your own On Demand business venture with the Uber for X app?

In order to start your own on demand business with an Uber for X app, the first thing that you must do is to procure the app. You can either build the app from scratch, but that is hardly advisable because it is a very expensive affair and also one that consumes a lot of time.

The better option is to make sure that you can purchase an on demand ready made mobile app known as Uber for X or Handyman Clone app. There are many white label on demand mobile app development companies around the world that build such mobile apps.

You can take a trial of these apps and check which one makes most sense to your business. The best way you can do it is to ask the white label on demand mobile app Development Company to set you up with a demo account so that you can download it on your Android and iOS devices and do a real time live testing of the same. Then you can decide which one you like and move on to the next step.

An important thing that most people ignore initially is to make sure that the app you purchase is integrated with the local language and local currency so that you can launch it anywhere in the world that you like. Having that would ensure that it is practical for your customers and your service providers.


On the whole, the start up of Uber for X app is a great option for you because you don’t have to do anything at all to continue earning money. You may choose to have just one service delivered with the app or go for multiple services as per your convenience. For example, you can choose to keep multiple services like on demand plumber, on demand electrician, on demand beautician, massage therapist on demand, on demand tutor, doctor on demand and so on and so forth. Or, alternately, you can choose to keep an app for just one service, like on demand electrician. We hope that you can utilize the information offered here on this blog post and grow your business to greater heights!

Uber for x startup idea
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