UI Chunks E01: Buttons. Design system knowledge organized in easy-to-learn chunks.

UI Chunks E01

Hi there,

As you know it’s not easy to find a proven source of design knowledge. We all know that kind of work when we’re trying to read all of Medium articles with no answers. Together with my friend Paul Stomma we were about to write a design book to solve this problem, but we decided to shift the rules a little bit. We have a lot to say in every chapter, so we applied “the chunking” approach to dig into every single detail of UI design.

We explored UI buttons from the ground up so you can meet the very first episode of the UI Chunk series: “E01: Buttons” (yes, we describe it as “a knowledge chunk”).

What is UI Chunks?

UI Chunks is a complete source of UI design knowledge, organized in easy-to-learn chunks which refers to the structure of the top-notch design systems. It's full of practical tips and good practices, but it keeps a general nature, not limited to a subjective point of view.

Each of the chunks presents anatomy, classification and usage guidelines with richly illustrated examples and Figma/Sketch files to make the theory proven in practice. It stays pleasing to the eye.

For who?

  • UI/UX Designers — for beginners to build solid foundations from scratch or advanced designers to structure and extend existing, intuitive knowledge about components and design systems

  • Product teams — it could be helpful to work out common understanding when scalable products are to be designed

  • Frontend developers — for those who want to dive into the designers approach of components building to create the pixel-perfect apps

What problem does it solve?

UI Design knowledge is still very scattered and demands multidisciplinary skills. "The chunking" approach lets you organize it — step by step, with understanding and consciousness. You won't need to study hundreds of Medium articles anymore to find the answer (if you're lucky).

With the UI Chunks you'll be ready to design any UI component to create your very own UI kit or a design system. You will see components through long-standing design practitioners' eyes.

Basically, if you want to learn or improve your UI design skills by technical approach the UI Chunks is for you.

You will get:

  • 74 illustrated a4 pages - read about anatomy thru classification, to the button language and usage

  • 2 button libraries (Sketch + Figma) - analyze and compare how a professional library is built, learn how to build your very own button library

Find out more on http://uichunks.com/

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