Under The Bus: Do you have a worst case scenario plan?

Dear fellow solopreneurs and indie hackers,

I do not want to sound morbid, but do you have an "under the bus" plan ready ?

Recently I saw a case where relatives were totally lost in technical, password and simply 'unknown' problems when a young entrepreneur suddenly passed away. It got me thinking to create something for such scenario for my wife.

Do you keep records of your way of working? Does a loved one have access to your laptop and/or password manager? Is there any service you use for this?

It does not have to be death, but simply a temporary illness that totally disrupts your workflow and possibly your streams of income.
Am writing a post on this, and would love to hear how you address this topic. @csallen: Did you ever address this matter?

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    I kind of am addressing it, but not much. If I got hit by a bus it'd be a sad day for Indie Hackers

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      Ha.... yes indeed. Of course I am curious how other founders cope with this, if at all. Especially for solopreneurs, but for small scale startups as well.

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    Think it needs attention and started collecting services and tools for this purpose at memente.com
    Additions welcome.

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