Ideas and Validation March 23, 2020

Undropped - Powerful expired domains to kickstart your rankings

Mehdi Amrane @HeyMehdi

Hello Hackers! 👋

I just launched Undropped, a product that will hopefully help some of you kickstart their future products :

Every day, I look for expired domains with good backlinks profile as they often tend to rank faster and better in search engines.

Most of the time, it's domain names from startups that failed or got acquired, so they let their domain expire. These domains are then taken by scammers or spammers who want to rank illicit websites quickly, destroying the potential of the domain in the process when it gets slapped by Google 😢

That's where I and Undropped come in: I try to find these domains as quickly as possible and check the domain history. If I don't see any red flags, I register the domain to keep it safe and use it myself or let it be acquired by someone who will use it wisely to build something great with it 🚀

Because I want to validate the idea, I have a special launch discount going on 🎉 so feel free to take a look at some of the domains listed, maybe you'll find your next project idea there! And if you like the idea but don't find the right domain for your use, you can subscribe to the newsletter. I have some GREAT domains in stock 😉

I'd love to get your feedback on the idea 🙏 and feel free to ask questions!

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    Hi I own some big american companies TLD NAMES and I wanted to know is you would be interested in buying them for me. Like I have had them for like 1 year now. I also got some .CO for companies.So feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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    Subbed to the email list. Definitely interested!

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    Very nice idea.. I signed up on the mailing list

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      Awesome, I'll be sending 1 to 2 domains per week, stay tuned :)

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    There's a lotta exciting stuff happening in the domain world right now and this is one of them!

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      Thanks Tom, love what you're doing with BlipBrands too!

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    This comment was deleted 6 months ago.

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      Thanks for your feedback, Shiva!

      First of all, if I don't think that a domain is brandable, I don't look through its history.

      Then I check the quality (and not quantity) of the backlinks. I'd rather get a domain with a few great backlinks from 10-20 editorial websites than a domain with 300 automated backlinks.

      If the backlinks look spam-free, I then check what was hosted on the domain with, to get a better understanding of the domain, and see if it was not used to rank a spam website.

      If everything looks right to me, I register it.

      My risk assessment plan was just trying to validate the idea with a few domains, and see if they sell. The IH crowd doesn't seem to be the target audience, so I think I'll try my luck on bloggers/affiliates forums!

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        This comment was deleted 6 months ago.

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