Unleash The Roast!

Hey everyone! My team and I (4 people) are looking for feedback on our landing page. We'd like to know if our message is clear and our product easy to understand. We would also appreciate any suggestion that could help us to do better. Thanks for your help!

Link to the landing page : https://www.telios.io/

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    The clean modern design of your site is really nice. The animations are good and there is plenty of focus on content to get across what you do.

    Just a few things you could improve:

    • The grid of 6 USPs seem to have a link-style cursor and a hover animation, but they don't link through to anything. If they are not links, I would remove these effects to not confuse people.
    • The USPs also stack into a single column on devices with a width below 1024px, creating a lot of white space on either side. Having two columns of USPs on tablet devices would improve the layout. Then on mobile you can swap back to one column.
    • Social icons in the footer should open in a new tab, otherwise users will lose your site and might never return.

    Tightening up the space between sections might also improve the layout, but overall, nice site!

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      Thank you for your feedback! All of them are on point.

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