🗓 Upcoming Events: Feb 8 - 14, 2021

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Greetings! Amy here.

I am really excited about the events coming up this week. We've got 2 different pitch sessions plus a Demo Day event for the Challenger Accelerator, a 5-month program based in Slovakia. I always love hearing founders give their elevator pitches, especially when there's 250.000 EUR on the line!

Also, you might be interested in Rob Walling's 2021 State of Independent SaaS event. Rob is co-founder of MicroConf, a community for non-venture track founders, and TinySeed, the first accelerator for SaaS bootrappers. The State of Independent SaaS event is going to highlight all of the insights Rob & team have gleaned from surveying hundreds of bootrapped businesses.

Anyway, get your calendars ready, here are next week's upcoming events.

What's happening next week:

⭐️ = Event I've registered for

That's all from me! Have a great week.

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