🗓 Upcoming Founder Events: Dec 21 - 27, 2020

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Greetings! 👋 Amy here. Get your calendars ready, there are 2 upcoming events you might be interested in.

What’s happening next week:

[Dec 21] How to Outsource Development of Your App
[Dec 23] Let’s talk about Design Systems

In case you missed it…

alt text

One of last week’s events was a live coding session hosted by Netlify and Samuel Bodin, Senior Software Engineer at Algolia. He demoed the Algolia Search Crawler Plugin, which makes it very easy to add to search to your Netlify site. You can watch the recording here.

Netlify has been hosting lots of educational webinars over the last few months. These events give you an in-depth look at various Jamstack technologies that you might want to use for your startup.

I’ll be sure to include any future Netlify events in upcoming newsletters.

Have a great week & happy holidays! 🎄

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    Hey @afkmango this is amazing.

    I'm behind Virtual Mojito, would you mind I share your newsletter with my audience?

    1. 1

      By all means, go ahead. Thank you! Feedback and event suggestions welcome! 😊

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    Great to see Amy, DM'd on Twitter.

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