Upcoming: Native Zapier for your SaaS

Hey folks,

We've been building Integry for a few years now. Started off with providing managed service, worked closely with some pretty awesome companies, improved the product significantly,
and now we are now opening doors to Self Service.

Integry gives your users the in-app integrations experience with plug and play setup. You can white-label the front-end and make it a seamless part of your app's experience with your own look & feel.

Equipped with a powerful workflow builder, Integry enables you to implement integrations between your app and 200+ other pre-connected apps.

Your end-users get a workflow builder too, in the UI (the native Zapier experience)

We just launched our Product Hunt Ship, check it out here

Got any thoughts/questions or want to take a tour of Integry? I'm happy to help

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