Update #4: The Ultimate Email Marketing Guide for Indie Creators

3 weeks ago reviewers have given me feedback on the first-half draft.

I've since created the 2nd-half & improved the first-half based on their feedback.

Yesterday the full draft was finally ready and I sent it to 19 reviewers, 8 more than the first-half draft.

For hosting the guide, I moved from Google Docs to Notion because:

1/ The guide was 250+ pages in Docs and it might scare people to see such a long, never-ending doc.

Using Notion, I chunked into many sections so folks can easily jump to specific topics they want to learn.

2/ I plan to constantly update & improve the guide based on my constant learnings and continuous feedback from others, even after this guide is launched.

Meaning I need to make it more manageable for me to update. Notion with sub-pages & sub-sections make it easier.

I've also created:

✅ A mind map for the entire guide

✅ Email series "fill in the blank" templates that folks can plug-n-play into their business to quickly start

For the next 2 weeks while I await reviewers feedback, I'll add:

✅ checklists

✅ content schedule & "idea bank" templates

✅ email writing prompts & first line hooks

After that, I'll improve the guide again based on their feedback.

Finally, I'll launch on Product Hunt 😁

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