UPDATE: MVP Design finished. || Behavior Changing App seeking Co-Founder

still looking for the right co-founder!

I've made a post here previously: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/behavior-changing-app-seeking-tech-co-founder-previous-biz-had-1-1-5m-annual-revenue-c610a7530b

I want to share part of the MVP design we've come up with.
Here's the main screen.

Please note this is NOT a social app. Imagine it more like a todo app.
The development is starting and I estimate 9 weeks for this step.

  1. 1

    Hey, I'm just starting my side hustle.
    Seems like you have a nice and simple MVP to work on, If we team up it would benefit both of us
    Here is my email [email protected]
    Let's team up :)

  2. 1

    Hi. Would love to discuss on it.
    Please drop an email on [email protected]


  3. 1

    I've solo-founded and bootstrapped an e-commerce business from 2009-2018 where we've had around €1-1.5 million annual revenue. I sold that business in 2018. I've had several employees and due to my background, I have some money to invest.

    If you have the bread, and this is the mvp, and it's a todo-type app, it might be cheaper to hire a developer instead of marrying a cofounder.

    1. 2

      Hi most, I've already hired a developer. Searching for a co-founder (no matter his background) is something I'm doing on the side.

      1. 1

        Ah ok, I was making an assumption, my bad. 😅

        Pretty much everything I look at right now is thru the lens of hiring web developers cuz of my own project.

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