Updated after 1st round feedback - let me know your thoughts!


I did a post a few weeks ago and got some great feedback. I've gone back and added a demo video, added some social proof, and updated copy to hopefully resonate with both parents and students (as students will be the primary users, but parents are most the ones paying for it). Would love your feedback, especially if you have a student in high school / college. Thanks!

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    I don't have a student and I am myself a drop out, but I am happy to try helping.

    I think your hero section is really succinct and clear, and that is great. The screenshot
    that follows doesn't explain much. At least not immediately. What if you tried something
    like what Basecamp.com did with pointing over to things in a screenshot?

    Another (minor) nitpick is that it feels that the content is spread out, forcing my eyes to
    go the entire width of the monitor, making it feel that it is harder to read it should be. Perhaps narrower columns can mitigate this.

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      Ooh, I like the idea of the Basecamp thing - that's probably a pretty easy way to draw attention to the "main features" that it provides.

      And good call on the width - I've been trying to focus on responsiveness and it works decent on mobile, but needs to have some max-width on wider monitors. Thanks for pointing those things out!

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