Updated landing page - based on IndieHackers community feedback!

Thanks so much to @austencam, @nathanrodgers, and @frontendor for such great feedback on the first, very poor, version of my landing page. @nathanrodgers even created a Loom video feedback! How amazing is that :).

Here's the new, and hopefully, improved version: https://markfolder.com.

What do you think guys? Does this new landing page make you want to sign up? If not, why not?

By the way, I Julian Shapiro's guide for landing page creation here: https://www.julian.com/guide/growth/landing-pages. Very useful.


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    Hey, Farez, minor things here. If you are checking out the website on a mobile phone your picture appears below the text stating that you on the right.

    Do you plan to monetize MarkFolder?

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      Ah, thanks for that. What phone and browser are you seeing that on? Looks fine on my Samsung and iPhone 6S.

      Yes, there will be premium features coming soon.

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    Hi Farez, it's much improved! I'd recommend doing a short video introduction as well introducing yourself and explaining the product.

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      Hi Nathan. Thanks!

      Hmm the product is still being built so once it’s ready a video sounds great.

      Or do you think a video at this stage will still be useful (without the ability to demo the product)?

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        I think a 30-60 second video of you introducing the product even without a demo would help grab more people's attention.

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          This I can definitely do at this stage. Thanks!

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    Aloha Farez 👋

    Here's a little bit of feedback wrapped up in a 5 min video.

    • Call to action missing in the middle of the page, I would put it near the top area "install the browser extension.
    • No testimonials from anyone :(
    • Can you tell me about you? Who are you and why should I give you my email?
    • Create a more powerful reason to have people sign-up for a trial
    • Use animated screenrecording to show how your app works, it's so much better to show people IN THEIR SHOES than to tell them.
    • I would minimize the benefits, which are super obvious in less text into 3 boxes.
    • Specify pricing or if it's free, use it to your advantage.

    If you got any questions, Im happy to take them here or in DMs on twitter!

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      Aloha! Hey man, I love your feedback videos on YouTube. It's a great thing you've got going there as I'm sure lots of makers benefit from watching critique of landing pages like you're doing. Nice work.

      So, thanks so much for your feedback on Markfolder. So sick.

      Yes, I was struggling a bit about the testimonials section, because, well, I don't have any! But you made a good point in the video - just getting quotes on people looking forward to it already sounds good.

      And great point about telling a story. This is one of my weakest points for sure, but an About page is a great idea.

      Lastly, making it clear why they should give me their email address. This is an important one from a trust perspective and I've missed this one - thanks for pointing it out.

      Great feedback man! Thanks so much.


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        Glad it helped, you're on the right path! Best of luck! Twitter's bookmark experience right now sucks, hope your product launch goes well! You should post back here on IH once you do, we will upvote ya!

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          Thanks, and I will!

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