Landing Page Feedback May 12, 2019

Updated Landing Page - looking for additional #landing-page-feedback

Michael Edgar @michael_edgar

I submitted a landing page for my SaaS product, Captain Cron [], here on IH a few weeks back and got some great feedback (and even a few subscribers). I've made some adjustments and would like to know if the updated page is appealing to visitors.

  1. Do the screen shots of the product and descriptions convey what it (initially) does?
  1. Does the color scheme help/hurt? I tend to prefer darker schemes, but I realize they are not as common.
  2. Any red flags or gaps in presentation?

Thank you!


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    Hey there Michael. Let's have a look.

    • Overall, design-wise, it looks like a B-/C+ effort. You can probably get something that looks more professional by recycling a decent theme. The color scheme is a bit dull (a bit of blue mixed with a bunch of pure black/grey).

    • "Control cron. Anywhere." Okay as a headline, but is that really the main benefit? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the point is not so much that you can do it anywhere, but that you're centralizing it? I.e. I don't have to log into 30 machines/services to manage my cron tabs.

    • "Schedule, manage, and track cron tasks all in one place." Yeah, that seems more like it. Don't hesitate to go with a longer headline, even if it sounds less like a tagline (they're two different things for a reason).

    • I'm not sure the screenshot delivers on my expectations. I'd expect to get a bird's eye view of all my running cron jobs, everywhere. I do have what seems like a list of cron jobs, but it doesn't necessarily convey much more than that. I think your UI might need some improvements in terms of information hierarchy so that each element represented has a clearer meaning.

    • "How it works" That section works well because your product's value is simplicity, which is consistent with it working in 3 steps. Coincidentally, the screenshot you have for #3 gives a clearer picture of what to expect in the product. I would however expect to see a higher, server-level view of the product. I want to see all my cron servers, with maybe the latest executed cron task or something (note: I have no idea if that's actually what people will want, but if that's indeed the benefit they want, that would be one way of showing it.)

    • Benefits section (Visibility, Accessibility, Controllability): I feel like you could expand each of those and give them more visual weight (more screenshots where relevant) to show exactly how you deliver that benefit in the product.

    Hope that helps. ;)

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      @davidoudiette - thank you for the feedback, very helpful. I appreciate the in-depth comments and I will definitely make some updates based on your feedback.

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    Hey Michael,

    I like the idea.

    The logo is rather plain, typographic logos are great, but because you use open sans for every heading and copy, it doesn't really look like much of a brand as such.

    Also the headings throughout the page have a similar problem where you are competing for attention using the same font but different weights and sizes. Maybe try and keep a more consistent heading approach and play around with having a more distinct heading font or just the bold variant of open sans.

    You have a mixture of dark blue (nav, pricing, footer) and grey gradients as backgrounds. These aren't really complimentary. Try and keep your colour scheme more consistent. You've used blue links in the nav (also footer) but nowhere else, maybe use that link colour in your buttons.

    The image of the laptop is a little distracting, mainly the keyboard and trackpad. Try and find an image of a laptop that has that at eye level so you can't see it, so it would be then mostly screen and you can have the screen shot larger.

    I don't think you need to mix up the #1 #2 #3 where you have #2 to the right instead of the left, its just more complicated than it needs to be.

    You probably don't need the 'Always know what you'll pay' line or the sub headings under 'Apprentice' etc. They don't really add any extra info.

    Maybe add some more reasons why people should join your mailing list.

    Hope that's useful.

    EDIT: had a bit more of a think about this, you could double down on the black if you really wanted to and do something like this

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      @trike - thank you for taking the time to put that image together - I really appreciate it and it helps me better understand your points. Very helpful!

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        Hey Michael, no problem, glad it was helpful, feel free to use whatever you like from it. I really like the idea of making cron a more user-friendly interface, its such a useful function that people with limited dev skills would use.

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      @trike - thank you for the feedback. I've already made the changes you suggested in the pricing section. That's a good suggestion regarding reasons to join the mailing list. I also think it's clear that the color scheme is not going to work.

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    That's great :D The how it works section is pretty stylish and very well explained ^_^

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      @GandalfLife, thank you for the feedback. I'm not sure I'm 100% satisfied with the screen prints. I think it's an improvement over the clip art that was there previously :)