Updating my <H1/> Any feedback?

Hey Hackers!

We launched our OpenAI Integration and we're leaning into "AI-Powered Popups" as our main H1.

  • Any thoughts on the website copy?
  • Does it effectively describe the value?
  • Do I need to talk more about the benefits or features?

I always love what this community has to say regarding copywriting : )

Website: newclick.io

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    This seems like a valuable service overall, but I find the page confusing.

    If I understand correctly, the offering seems to consist of two main parts:

    • an AI promotional text generator
    • a promotional scheduler for one's site that also includes some design functions

    But it's unclear to me how the AI part works and how it adds value (or more specifically, how it increases conversions).

    And also, because it's not clearly specified how the AI part relates to the rest (i.e., its role within the product is not delineated), that makes the whole overall offering seem muddled.

    To address this, maybe you need to add some kind of process overview, like: "Use newclick to (1) design your on-site promotions, (2) add AI-generated copy to those promotions, and (3) schedule the promotions..." ?

    Wishing you success with this.

    1. 1

      Great feedback! Thanks for sharing.

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