Looking to Partner Up February 15, 2020

UpStar (Startup Ed) is seeking tech and growth marketing co-founders

Greg Zen @HelloIAmZen

Greg Zen and Ariel Margolis | Los Angeles & Boston, USA | HAVE_IDEA | UpStar is empowering startup founders with highly actionable step-by-step guidance. | We are seeking a technical co-founder and a growth marketer.

Website: https://startupheroics.com

Greg Zen: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gregzen/

Ariel Margolis: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ariel-margolis/

Hi fellow founders! - we’re Greg and Ariel from UpStar. We’re building step-by-step guided paths to save startup founders time, money, and stress, providing clarity and peace of mind "from Zero to Startup Hero".

Our goal is simple: Reduce Idea Fatalities.

As seasoned serial founders, mentors, and educators we believe that the future of humanity is not just in technology and science, but in human ingenuity and creativity. We hold strongly that entrepreneurship is the tip of the spear moving humanity forward. Our mission is to accelerate human advancement through entrepreneurship by empowering anyone to pursue their ideas with confidence and the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed.

I am an alumnus from 2019 YC Startup School and have returned to continue mentoring as well as conduct further customer discover and feature validation. I have participated in several weekend Hackathons, built over a dozen businesses, and if it were not for this pursuit I would currently be acting as the Director of Startups for an incredibly ambitious non-profit seeking to revitalize the majority of the Southern California region (One I.E.) However, after recently making a seemingly-miraculous full recovery from a terminal health diagnosis, I have a renewed sense of purpose and intend to focus it squarely on empowering people and ideas. I have a 25+ year history as an entrepreneur and over 10 years of mentoring startups based on my experience and passion for all things startups. I am a US Navy veteran and while I have a technical background, I tend to excel more in design, marketing, and strategy as I was formerly the Executive Creative Director of an award-winning design and marketing agency in Chicago and have always been a more visually-oriented creator. More about me at http://www.GregZen.com

Ariel is a career educator and has become a fast-paced super-entrepreneur and mentor. He not only has spent years as a middle school teacher, principal, college lecturer, and administrator but has become a recognized expert in Instructional Design & E-Learning Development. He brings a great deal of relevant experience which also includes strong sales and presentation, and he will be holding down Operations.

We have a static website from Carrd.co and I am currently working on a replacement in Webflow. We also have a Glide app in a rough beta just to test a NoCode Progressive Web App. We have the website to test out the idea and book some reservations for mentorship manually. We are not currently charging as this service is currently only available for free for Startup School participants for the duration of this cohort. That being said, quite a few founders who have received mentorships/advice have chosen to generously donate to the cause by using the "Buy Me A Coffee" app (which also supports a fellow indiehacker!)

While this is definitely a "scratch your own itch" endeavor, I have spent considerable time over the last 10 months talking with other founders, SMB owners, and people who have tried and quit.

As a result, we have very strong signals and data indicating to proceed so we’re looking for someone technical who can join as a third co-founder and help guide the tech stack, integrations, and co-development including some simple form-based tools we intend to create both for internal and paid customer use. We are leaning heavily towards working with NoCode tools as much as possible as a teaching advantage for our customers. So while we are looking for someone who has coding chops and is strong with integrations, we’re also very interested in working with someone who is either familiar with or willing to learn NoCode tools with us. Previous early-stage startup experience and AI chops are both huge pluses.

We are also open to a possible 4th co-founder who has proven experience in growth marketing with SEO expertise. You don't need to be a wiz with marketing copy or branding, we've got that covered, but if your an ace at community/customer development especially good at building brand loyalty/ambassadorships, we'd love to talk with you.

Equity negotiable.

We are remote and plan to stay that way, but sponsorship is not currently available so if you are not US-based you will need the ability and means to travel freely eventually.

Diversity Welcome and Disabled (or not) Veterans highly encouraged! We look forward to hearing from you!

Feel free to contact me directly at

[email protected]