Using content from Youtube in mobile app

Hey IH'ers!

Bit of a legal question was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

We're developing a kids app with videos, games n such. For our MVP we're simply linking straight to Youtube videos while we figure out how we're going to handle the content side of things in-house. All we're doing is basically curating content from Youtube.

My understanding was this was all legal as long as your app is free and for entertainment purposes.

Apple has rejected our iOS app saying to attach evidence of authorisation for use. The wording of the rejection seems more of a disclaimer and I was going to link them to Youtube's fair use policy to see if it would get it approved but would be great to know regardless whether we're allowed to do this regardless of the outcome.

Don't worry won't take any advice as legal advice unless I get in trouble 😝 Weirdly enough our Play Store app was all approved. 🤷🏽

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