Using iubenda for Terms of Service?


I have a side project, MapHub.net, which has been running for 5 years and I'd like to monetize it now. I'm planning to use Paddle for payments.

I'd also like to change my Terms of Service / Terms and Conditions. I cannot afford a lawyer specialized in international law at this point, so my idea is to start with iubenda until it grows bigger.

Do you recommend iubenda or something else?
How did you solve the same problem?

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    Do you know any CC0-like licensed Terms of Service document (like GitHub, Automattic) which has a section for Paddle? Or a generator like iubenda?

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    From what I can tell, Iubenda doesn't support the #1 most important thing to a small SAAS company, and that is the service providers that help with international sales tax (Paddle, Quaderno, etc).

    Hey @s2imon, why is that? I see requests for Paddle support on your forums going back 6 years? Iubenda has clearly made a conscious decision to ignore support for Paddle and small SAAS customers. If you had Paddle support, then I'd sign up today. Where is it?

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      Did you find any system which supports Paddle?

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      ah yes, Paddle and the others. When I looked into it last it wasn't absolutely obvious that it was a good fit for our system, but I'll have it looked at again. Things will have changed considerably in the meantime.
      Btw. I agree with you, those types of services are the most commonly requested integrations that we have actually not moved on.

      P.s. Our system is built on the idea that you can add anything yourself with a few clicks and a few sentences added, in the worst case support is there to offer guidance. Happy Sunday

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        [Our system is built on the idea that you can add anything yourself]

        As a small SAAS company where the use of Paddle is the long pole in the tent for these concerns, if I'm left to figure this part out for myself, then why would I choose Iubenda as a solution? If I'm spending the time to educate myself on these complicated issues to handle Paddle, then I might as well just continue with the incremental work of handling my other integrations.

        If you have Paddle covered, then you have me as a customer. If you don't have Paddle, then you don't ...

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          I understand your statement, no worries. I have a team member look into it and I'm confident we'll have it reviewed and added/or decided against it within a reasonable time frame.

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            Thanks! Keep us posted ...

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              Hey there, it took a bit more time than anticipated, but here we go. Happy to tell you that Paddle is now natively integrated with iubenda.

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    Hi there, just seen this coming in via the IH Community Digest ٩(◕‿◕。)۶ - I'm Simon, lead of legal product at iubenda. Btw. if you have questions, the team is reachable anytime via email and happy to help out.

    p.s. definitely not here to dissuade from any other people to contribute, just curious where you'll take it (and experiences others have with iubenda or any other system). Enjoy your weekend!

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