Using subdomains for promoting landing page URLs

On your website you probably have different landing pages or sections for various types of products or content such as https://www.yourdomain.com/newsletter for a newsletter or https://www.yourdomain.com/books for the books you published.

To simplify and unify landing page URLs, you may edit your domain's DNS settings to create 3rd level domains for those pages and sections such as newsletter.yourdomain.com or books.yourdomain.com. This way the URLs are easier to remember and say in a conversation, and they keep the focus on your branding. You can add these URLs in promotional materials like slides, brochures, videos, and other media.

Some more examples:

  • blog.yourdomain.com
  • courses.yourdomain.com
  • apps.yourdomain.com
  • store.yourdomain.com
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