UX/UI Designer offering help

Hi everyone!

I'm Lovro, a UX/UI designer and I'd like to find projects to work on. I have a 9-5, but I need more stuff to work on to feed my creative soul :)

I don't care about permanently joining your team, it's more about camaraderie and working with fellow makers. But if we click, I'm also interested in long term stuff.

You can see some of my projects on my website www.lovroboljat.com.

Best way to get in touch would be via email [email protected]


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    Hi Lovro,
    I'm looking for a person who can handle the complete revamp of https://nighteye.app/ main page.

    Would that be something you are interested in?

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    Hi Lovro. I like your style.
    How do you feel about helping an open source and community-focused project?
    Checkout stackmuncher.com. Happy to fill you in on the mission and how I think we can get there.

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    Hi Lovro, currently designing a UI for my next project (a project based social network) and I'm always looking for feedback. I'll contact you via email to show you what I've got so far. Thanks!

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      Hi Carlos,

      Sure, do get in touch via email and let's see how much of help can I be.


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    Hi there, I may have something for you ;) I will email you

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    Hello Lovro, unfortunately, I don't have something in place for us to work on but I will definitely keep your info so that we could collaborate on a future project. Loved your website. Simple and to the point

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      Thanks for the nice words! :)
      And if you'll have a project in the future, sure, reach out!

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    I just wanted to say that I like your website. Looks clean & with a personal touch. I don't have any freelancing work. But the website would have me interested if I did. :)

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      Nice to hear! Thanks :)

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