UX/UI Designers: How do you choose between two Designs?


I hope you all had a relaxed weekend.

Lets say youre working with a client and you are designing a simple Landinpage.

Now you have two possible variants for an element - For example, a CTA with a button but with two different layouts.

How do you decide whats the better variant? Do you just let the client decide? Do you make your own decision based on your gut feeling, previous experiences with conversionrates or something else?

I would love to get to know your decision-making process.

Excited to read your replies!

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    You can run an A/B test, and your visitors will answer that.

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    In the context of working for a client, the client hired me for taking this type of decision.

    I decide what design to adopt based mainly on my previous experience and on some fundamental UX laws .

    If it's for my projects, I add two steps to my process: team feedback and AB testing.

    PS: Im not a professionnel UX designer, i only do it for my project

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    Hi Daniel.

    That's a great question. It isn't always easy to know in which direction to go.
    It never hurts to get feedback from people that aren't you or your client. If you have a formal team, it would of course be them, but I am guessing you know that.
    If that isn't possible, your informal team is always a good place to start. Your partner, roommates, classmates, friends, etc. You'd be surprised the stuff that gets pointed out when you just show even just an extra two or three people.
    User testing, even just feedback from a few people, is vital.
    Some people will say that you should show a client multiple options, but I will generally show them one option. The option that I arrived at through iteration, feedback from your team, and users.
    I do like @MLF 's point on the "fundamental UX laws" as well.

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