Validate: Bitcoin investment for busy people

Hi everybody,

I would like to run through the community the project that I'm currently working on.

One of the more convenient and reliable ways for investing is Dollar-Cost Averaging. I’m implementing a platform to do that with Bitcoin(or any crypto in general).

The only requirement to use the platform is to have an account on a reliable exchange. We will cover Kraken and Binance.

For using our platform you will:

  1. Link your trading account to our platform.
  2. Select the asset, the period and the amount that you want to invest. Ex: example 100$/week in BTC or 50$/month in ETH.

That’s it! The platform will trade on your name at the configured periods. You can relax and check how is going every once in a while.

Your keys, your account and your coins. We will be purchasing from a banking level secured environment and won’t hold any of your assets.

Estimated public launch readiness: End of February.

What do you think? :)

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    @cyberbadger :) i do have a crypto based question to ask you. i am building a Niche around it and would like to validate it with your opinion if you don't mind.

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      Sure just create an IH post and tag me.

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    Could you simplify this post? I ask because I am a crypto investor and fairly sophisticated equity investor and I cannot understand this post at all. Maybe just cut it down to just 2-3 paragraphs?

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      Thanks for the feedback @cyberbadger :)

      I have fully rephrased it, hoping to make it clearer.

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        Ok that makes more sense now. I don't think you need to introduce the idea of Dollar-Cost Averaging into the explanation. That just complicates a pretty simple idea which is you help people buy crypto on a recurring cycle. In fact, your whole post could be like 5 sentences. The less the better.

        Quick Q: I use Coinbase and I'm pretty sure they have this natively built in. No?

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          I will check for Coinbase because if that's the case, I'm pretty off with their users :D . With Kraken I'm sure you cannot, it's my main exchange, but I need to check on Coinbase. BRB

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            I just checked with Coinbase. They do allow this and I would think the others are not far behind.

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              Kraken seems to be working on it too.

              It seems that won't be a very useful service on the mid term :D

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                Well I hope I saved you some time. That said, there are services popping up to make it easy for everyday people to buy crypto without needing to sign up for CB. I would look at a unique way to do this.

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                  Hi again @cyberbadger :)

                  I could dig a bit more on the commissions attached and I might be able to win you back to my team. Coinbase fees eat up 5% from your weekly investment. This system would eat up to 2%. On a long term investment is a quite big diff

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                    Haha - I like it. I will say this - I would not try to compete with a player like CB based on a 3% difference. 3% covers their brand equity, perceived security of the platform, security of your crypto, etc.

                    Like I said, I think there's a way to bring crypto to the masses in unique ways. For instance, trading airline miles for crypto.

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                      You're completely right on that. We will still make it for friends & family but there are definitely more areas to work on. For the innovative part, we have another ongoing project related to aggregation of loyalty programs, so not so far fetched from what you proposed. Anyway, thanks a lot for all the feedback :)

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