Validating a product in 2 weeks: my checklist ($800 in pre-orders)

Sharing my validation checklist for https://startupbuilder.mba in case it helps some of you with your validation process.

1. Validated audience / Market size

  • Defined 4 segments, needs and calculated that the SOM is bigh enough for my goal.
  • Defined priorities.
  • Defined type of audience


2. Validated The Problem

  • Coached +100 entrepreneurs
  • Defined Jobs, Pains, Outcomes
  • Angels, Incubators and industry experts confirmed the problem in interviews


3. Validated The Value proposition (after 1 repositioning in 2 days)

  • Built it based on the researched Jobs, Pains and Outcomes

Value Proposition by @josberco

  • 800$ of sales in <3 weeks WITHOUT product
  • 90% of closing a deal with a University to buy the product for a monthly flat-fee rate for their studens
  • 1 incubator outreached me to buy the product for their founders


4. Validated parts of the marketing ecosystem + GoToMarket

  • Made $800 in direct sales via channels that I can easily reach
  • Universities are interested in the product for their students (channel)
  • Incubators are interested in the product for their founders (channel)
  • Notion templates marketplaces (channel) published the product
  • 2 digital product makers interested in selling a blundled product with startupbuilder.mba


5. Validated pricing

  • Increased price to 49$ and I've got 6 customers (again, without a product). There are early-adopters willing to pay that price.
  • More experiments will be needed until test the 98$ of desired price and 74$ of average sale.
  • Audience is ready to buy (early-adopters so far) and have the budget.

I've done all of it in 2 weeks (not including the 100 research talks) following my own product https://startupbuilder.mba based in @notionHQ with an extended process, more resources, more checklists and databases to save my work and plan every step.


I'm still offering the early supporter lifetime deal at a discounted price. In case you're interested: https://startupbuilder.mba

AMA. Happy to help!

  1. 2

    Just checked out startupbuilder mba. Seems you are off to a good start. Mind sharing which website builder and payment gateway you used? Thinking of starting smth similar in my own niche. Thanks!

    1. 2

      Of course not. Always glad to help :)

      Website: landen.co. I'd say the easiest but less flexible too. If you want to add custom css (for example for memberstack or even with paddle as a paid gateway it trickier and you have to code a little bit). I'd say check versoly too by @volkandkaya

      Paymet: Started with stripe but changed to paddle. Why? Losing customers because stripe does not support paypal to pay. Then paddle translates the currency depending on the country of your customer, which is demonstrated increase the conversion. Then paddle takes care of the taxes for you (stripe not).

      1. 2

        Thanks @josberco - much appreciated!

        1. 1

          Anytime. My DMs are open to help. AMA.

  2. 2

    Thnx for sharing! Super informative. Don't forget to fix the URL at the top ;)

    1. 1

      Anytime :) Thanks for the reminder. Fixed!

  3. 2

    Hi Jose, thanks for posting this, it seems like the website is down?

      1. 1

        Just realized about your comment. Seems like it's working. Thanks anyway ;)

        1. 4

          I think it is because you have a typo in the first url of your post ;)

          1. 1

            You're right, thanks for letting me know!

  4. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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