Validating Productized Service with Fiverr, Upwork?

DISCLAIMER: Strictly talking about market validation, here.

"Gigs" on Fiverr are essentially productized services aren't they?

Wondering if anyone in the community has had experience validating
1 - Market demand for a particular product/service
2 - Pricing & packaging

Either way...I'm trying it out 😬😅!

I'll report back on my learnings. Part of me think's it is a genius validation technique, part of me thinks this is going to be a huge time suck that would have been better just trying to sell to customers through existing sales channels. We'll see!

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    I've posted a gig on the "Online Code Lessons" a few months ago.

    I took plenty of time building the profile. Filled all the fields, came up with the packages, and even made a custom banner for the gig. The entry price was $15, which I understand can be a bit high for Fiverr. I left the gig opened for a couple of weeks but the traffic was super low. I got something like 4 clicks and a few impressions and ended up pausing the gig.

    The main reason I think it didn't work is because, even with a nice polished gig page, I had 0 reviews. This probably made me rank very low on search results.

    Anyway, I believe it's worth trying. Maybe be bit more patient than I was. Good luck!

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      See you've touched on something important there 🧠 - being that reviews are important for Fiverr, this method probably won't work well for NEW business - or a new "seller" that is. This might work better for a freelancer moving into a productized service.

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    There is the core of a good idea here. I think you need to add not only an orchestration layer but at least one value add component that complements that labor available on fiverr or other forums. Posting examples of results might help address lack of reviews.

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      Appreciate the feedback @skmurphy - but just to clarify - when you say "add an orchestration layer" do you mean I need to add an orchestration layer to the ultimate final Productized Service that I plan to offer? If so, I agree and in fact the product I am looking to test demand for is differentiated from freelance labor by way of the tech enabled process used to deliver the service

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    Sounds like a good idea to me. At least for demand validation. Pricing is a little bit hard to test on fiverr isn’t it? Furthermore the price is usually the easiest thing to adapt from customer to customer...

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      Yesssss @rasmus1610 good point on pricing 🧠. "Demand validation" was my original motivation for this experiment. Although now I worry about the point @ruanmartinelli made re: reviews. I am hoping that a "novel" or unique offering/gig title might interest potential customers despite the newness of the account and lack of reviews.

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    I learnt this through an influencer on the internet - You should hit up 100 different targeted people for your service on Twitter or Instagram or even email and try to see if you can schedule a meeting. In that meeting, try and see the kind of response you are getting for your services.

    While 100 is by no means a perfect number or highly representative of a large population, it definitely gives you a start!

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