ValueTools launched on ProductHunt

Hey IH,
Pretty excited to announce the launch of ValueTools on Product Hunt. It's a collection of tools that we created for our own use over time and then decided to put them together into a sleek Windows app to make it usable by everybody.

The app is inspired by CyberChef, a well known webapp in dev community except that it works totally offline.

We hope that the developer community will find the tool useful. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

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    Congrats on the launch! You've got an upvote from me.

    If it helps, you can shipped repeatedly on PH.

    I've also got some case studies regarding PH launch that you can replicate in the future:

    1. Find a hunter to hunt your product
    • Having a good hunter on your side is like being in pole position on the starting grid of a Formula 1 race. Your chances of finishing first are significantly higher.
    1. Get some beta-users first
    • Build up an email list or some audience before launch. On the day or a few days before the launch, connect with them and ask them for a favour to upvote your launch.
    1. 700+ leads in 24 hours from Product Hunt by segmenting promotional pushes
    • You can check out this summarised case study here


    You can check out more case studies under the "Product Hunt" or other strategies type that I've curated and summarised at GrowthHunt.co

    Cheers & all the best!

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      Hey, thanks a lot for chipping in. Highly obliged.

      Those are really some good points and case study you shared. Thanks a lot for that :)

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        If it helps, I'd love to give you a free access to the database to check out more strategies that you can replicate to get your business off the ground.

        Here's the link if you're interested.

        Cheers and all the best!

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