“Verified” users on IH?

I was of a way to identify people on here who have actually achieved something vs the gurus who are all talk.

I think a verified badge of some sort would be a good idea. And maybe even different tiers to it.

For example songbox is well into 4 figures in MRR, but that doesn’t mean I think everyone should listen to me - however I do think it stands me in more credit than someone who has done nothing.

So my proposal would be badges that indicated founders who have achieved 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 figure MRR.

It would allow people to parse advice by a “this person has been there and done it” or “this person is all talk” filter.

This would 100% require a verification process of course.

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    I think we should be careful how we judge people. Everyone who has a 7-figure MRR started with a 0 MRR. Were they a different person back then? Did they deserve to be treated with less respect? I’d like to think we judge every post and every comment on its merits.

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      I’d like to think we judge every post and every comment on its merits.

      how though? a lot of folk come here clueless, looking for advice to get started. How can they judge a post on its merit when they have zero experience?

      This would alleviate that and at least give people a frame of reference.

      AND ALSO... yes they are a different person when they had 0 MRR compared to when they have 5 figure MRR. you can guarantee between those two points they have learned an absolute shitload about how to run a company.

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        You’re right: people who have run companies know more about how to run companies.

        But I’d really like to challenge you to think differently here. Many people on IH don’t want to run companies: they want to start side projects, or even full-time projects that never earn 7 figures. These people may have a wealth of knowledge, e.g. about coding if they come from software development, or about product if they come from product management.

        Are these people not Indie Hackers too? Don’t they have something to contribute too?

        I’m worried that if we listen to them less, IH risks becoming elitist. Let’s block the spammers, not the beginners we should be nurturing.

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          I'm concerned about how binary this has become.

          No-one is having their voice taken away.

          No-one is being told they can't contribute.

          No-one is being told they're not an indie hacker.

          No-one is being disrespected.

          All this would do is give people another factor with which to assess advice and feedback from.

          My god... when did the world go insane? We already have points and follow counts which essentially do the same thing, it's just they are buried away in someone's profile.

          People are acting here like I'm proposing we strip folk of their humanity.

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    There is no way you can verify 100% of the user base. So this will end up being more about the clout and less about spam. Which means a division in the community. To me, it is unnecessary at THIS point. I really don't dig it. Not to mention verification process adds an extra weight on the admins.

    Also, It should be simple enough to gauge the experience/worth of a user based on the interactions they do in the website to say whether that is a spam person or not.

    For example, a spam person/bot is not going to be reading interview sections and providing constructive feedback. Normal users will have a pattern while spammers have a different pattern. One which would be hitting as many places as possible in the site.

    We should double down on invite code and add more ways to filter out people. See invite codes and filters as added layers of protection. Not as ONE silver bullet.

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    A well established company will have a bigger voice on INDIEhackers community...hmm nice.

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      I can defo see a lot of pros and cons to this idea but I don't agree with your statement as a con.

      for a start yes this is INDIEhackers, so even if a company is doing well, it's still an Indiehacker. It's not the HR dept of some megacorp. So yes it is INDIEhackers and regardless of how well someone is doing that still holds true.

      As far as your point about having an established voice - many people, if not all - come here for advice, guidance and feedback. So once again, yeah, I think knowing who is established and who isn't is an important factor when taking advice from someone.

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    Agree so so much. IH is turning into a spam fest :(

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      But a fancy MRR level X badge wouldn't change that, would it? I actually found that the restriction to invites only has already improved the spam situation.

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        Yeah it wouldn't restrict it but it would allow you give credence to posts where deserved, and maybe take advice with a pinch of salt where deserved too.

        I would take advice with someone who has generated 5 figure MRR over someone who is on 3 figure MRR.

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        True. It would just help us all discern a little better. I hope you're right about the invite-only bit. I still feel like I have to really dig to find quality posts.

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    I agree, it would make sense to surface some of the data that's already there.

    My product is stripe-verified and has open revenue. But to see that you'd have to dig into my profile a bit. It could just be a badge or something next to my name.

    I spend less and less time on IH these days - in the short amount of time I'm here I'd love to be able to quickly skim the posts by founders of a certain MRR level, as they are most likely facing similar challenges to me.

    One could argue this would create issues re exclusion vs inclusion, though.

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    BTW, You can already do that by looking at a persons profile and reading about their company.

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      Yeah I know this, kinda why I'm so confused about some people's extremely negative reaction to this idea.

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    Goor idea, this would be a great improvement!

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    How's that gonna stop people from making a Stripe account, throw 10K a month, then refund it over and over to mimick a 10K MRR of a fake startup to get a badge?

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      If you're willing to do that for the sake of a badge on a website.... more power to you.

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    Agreed! I'd love to see that!

    Whenever I see advice like "Oh, I've done 3[4,5...] things (read between the lines: I got lucky), and got blabla hits/subscribers/$", I instantly ignore.

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    aren’t everyone all of a sudden so successful on the web?

    I, for example, was a founder of 8 digit MRR app.

    Then I woke up :D

    But serious talk yeah - all of a sudden too many people who pretend too much to get following and attention. Sad

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      I know a couple of founders who are posting misleading stats in public. I reviewed their pitch-decks for feedback and boy, their companies are not as successful as they would seem on Twitter.

      I feel that everyone is trying to jump into the "build-in-public-internet-guru" persona and a few of these people seem to be inflating stats in order to appear more credible/get more attention.

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        Judging by someone downvoting my comment I hurt someones' feelings 😂

        I guess that's the reason why we have invite-only small groups all over the place because the circus is something that most of us are tired of.

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    I really like the idea, but I'm wondering what the verification process could look like.

    I personally don't like the fact that you (as of now) can only verify Stripe revenue for products on IH - but other ways would probably need manual work and would be less secure?

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      Well IH is owned by stripe so I think a fair restriction would be to make it Stripe only.

      If your product doesn't use Stripe then I guess you can't get verified.

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