[VIDEO] For anyone who's not tried Airtable

I made a video for anyone who hasn't tried Airtable (probably a very few people here) and what its value is over Google sheets. The biggest is of course Airtable is meant for a relational data and Google sheets is simply a spreadsheet but there's a lot more than that. If you are new to no-code Airtable is pretty much the default database if you need one.

This is the video I wish I had beforehand:

Hope you like it! Would love to hear what you all are using Airtable for as well.

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    Yeah this is good, and I'm actually one of those weird people that haven't used Airtable.

    Thankfully, I was just about to build a spreadsheet to capture user data, and I'll now be using Airtable.

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      Awesome, welcome to the club :)

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    Good one! Appreciate it if you add more videos, with some use cases.

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    Quite useful

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    Thank you for sharing this. Quite informative!

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      Glad you liked it :)

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    Nice video (in terms of structure and presentation). A lot of things you say can't be done in Google Sheets can be done there though. And very easily, in fact. For example, you can upload an image (by inserting it) directly into a cell in G sheets, without pasting a URL (although I don't know about multiple images in the same cell), and you can assign people to specific cells (using cell comments).

    In fact, the only thing in your video that Google Sheets can't easily do (as far as I know) is the views shown in Airtable.

    So, while I'm sure there are subtle differences in functionality, I'm still not sure what I can achieve with Airtable that I can't with Google Sheets. Airtable just seems like a simpler, prettier but less powerful version of Google Sheets.

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    Good flow but waiting for 2m for the actual content to start is too much IMO.
    Also look at the camera lens, not your monitor as this feels like you are not talking to the viewer.

    That being said I like the speed and the way you explain, really cool video!

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      Good feedback! I'm actually looking into the camera.. it's just my angle is off.

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    This video is great - I use Airtable a lot but I'll send this to people when I'm trying to explain it to them cuz you did it better than I do!

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      Really kind of you to say that, thanks Alex!

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    this is really interesting. I will now test Airtable, as soon as next week :-) thanks for sharing.

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      Thanks - you will like it!

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    I like the way you explained the main difference, that is very important and easiest way for people who are moving from excelsheet to airtable. .

    Thank you.

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      So glad you liked it!

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