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I'm working on a Slackbot called Truffle. Truffle uses past Slack conversations to help answer questions that your teammates ask in public channels. I've got a functional MVP and am looking for users to try it out for free, but I've struggled a bit getting people to actually reach out to do this, and I realized that one problem might be that it's not well enough explained.

After some helpful feedback from the IH community, I realized that it's tough to show what the product I'm working on actually does without some kind of working demo. Unfortunately, I also don't have a good way to provide a working version of the product that is super relevant. So I made this demo video of how Truffle is working in a Slack workspace:


I would be interested in hearing your feedback. Is it clear how it works? Video too long? Is the copy in the YouTube enough/too much?

If you have a video or site you'd like me to give feedback on, I will happily give it a review!

Thanks :)

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    It is clear.
    It is a bit long and possibly over complicated
    I don't think covering installation and the initial scan is interesting in that part
    and I'm like why do we need the emoji spam from the bot?

    Do consider that often giving your bot access to scan channels or even just to install it in a company workspace might have a big process, for bigger companies you'd need to prove all the common ent. certs (like soc2 and others) and answer a long line of questioning to approve it..

    For smaller companies, this might seem of little value

    so I think you have a hard offer. IDK how many have totally public accounts or channels, for actually fully public slack that are like opensource or just community ones, maybe that's a good start target

    Also I do wonder about the private/public part of the bot answers.. maybe that should actually have the emoji's, like have one that the bot is suggesting an answer (assuming many times it doesn't), some of the way it's built seems to much self advertising.. if the question was answered, the answer should be posted, not an ad for the bot.. (the bot already self links as it's user) possibly try to have the user select the most useful one, not have the entire thread, could also be used to optimise the algo

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      Yeah, five minutes is a bit long for a "quick" intro video, I think it could be cut down some for sure. The security issue around Truffle is a tough one, I agree. I have invested a lot of time to make sure that the initial offering of security is passable, I even have a document outlining the security standards in place at Truffle. I am targeting fully open support Slacks using Truffle, as well, since that avoids the security issue.

      I have considered the posting of the useful answer into the thread, it's better than the "ask Truffle" button for the UX, I agree.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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