Viral Quotes - Let's start building in public

Hey I'm Carlos an indie hacker building Viral Quotes (viral-quotes.com) a web app which will allows you to viralize your business without spending on ads.

How it works

Imagine being able to upload your logo and URL and in 5 minutes receive 600 quotes as the shown above on the picture, that you can post on all your social networks to increase your brand awareness and engagement.

My strategy

My target audience are: Indie Makers, SMB owners, digital marketers, SEO people, and in general people in the online business ecosystem.

My "Build In Public" strategy will be mainly focus on posting on specialized forums, and showing on a weekly basis the making of Viral Quotes, avoiding technical jargons to make it simple to understand.

Since Indie Makers are also part of my target audience. I'll be using my twitter @castaneda_dev to share more technical stuff with them.

Let the journey begin !

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