Visiting IH as a habit

I want to develop a habbit of visiting IH and PH daily to surround myself with other founders for motivation, help and marketing. This post is my first step 😁
My biggest struggle is that I don’t have something interesting to write that often.
Any tips for more active engaging in this community?

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    Unpopular opinion: don't.

    At least, not as a "daily habit" per se because visiting these sites should not be the end goal, but the mean of achieving something bigger.

    I you set your mind just to be a regular around here with the goal of surrounding yourself with motivation you might end up not doing the thing you wanted the motivation for in the first place.

    So I'd challenge you to set your goal, first. What do you wanna achieve that you need IH and PH?

    Start working on that. Then use this wonderful site to draw the inspiration and motivation as challenges arise. And always do it in a controlled way, (ie. 20 min a day).

    Invest your time wisely :)

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      Couldn't agree with this more.

      I wasted years of my life trying to be 'helpful' in every maker community.

      Providing friendly support doesn't build a business. Solving a genuine problem that customers are willing to pay for does.

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      And always do it in a controlled way, (ie. 20 min a day).

      That resonates a lot with me, thanks for sharing that. Do you also allocate daily time for Twitter? How much time in total (all communities) do you spend in total?

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    Hey Zdanovi, I recently took the habit to do the same :) I love the good vibe around here and that everybody is making stuff and not just passively observing everything. So If you plan to visit this place daily: Also interact, and not just read (but I'm pretty sure you want to do exactly that as your post suggests.)

    Btw Twitter and #buildinpublic is also a great place to be around.


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      Can you share approximately how much time you spend per day interacting with fellow IHs? :D

      I feel like there is too much of a burden to provide value and this causes me to not post/interact so much.

      I feel like I would need to spend a massive amount of time to come up with something worthwhile for the community lol 🤔

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      I need to check it out! I have a habbit of visiting Twitter already. It might be a good way to make it a bit more productive :)
      Edit: is there a way to add hashtag to your feed? I can’t find a way to follow it or add as a topic.

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      I just started with Twitter and @buildinpublic too - thanks for the reminder 😁

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    Checking IndieHackers has completely replaced my urge to check other social platforms and it’s amazing!

    I think posting here is the right first step and the next would probably be to reply to other people’s posts. After that you automatically just check to see what people think about your comment.

    I usually sort by newest and reply to the threads which are on topics that I’m knowledgeable about.

    Good luck!

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      Same, It's such a great replacement for mindlessly scrolling,

      I've even started keeping track of all of what i'm learning, turning the points into actions on my to do list.

      I struggle with engaging too, sometimes I will type a comment out and I wonder if there is a point in posting it.

      but you have inspired me to post, so thanks, and good luck with everything. I guess sometimes we speak to inspire others without even knowing that we have. at least this time you know.

      So, again, thank you.

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        I agree with @typologist that you shouldn’t check IH just for the sake of checking IH.

        But I usually check social media because I’m procrastinating and when I check IH it often motivates me to get back to work.

        So it’s a positive thing.

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      I like your protocol for consuming on IH.

      Regarding Twitter, what about curating a List of amazing people to follow? :D

      Works well for me.

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        I just started taking Twitter seriously about a month ago 😅. So, still curating my list of people.

        I'm @selvarajashish on there if you want to connect!

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          Sweet man, added you on my twitter list :D I also stole your:

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            No problem, I think I adapted it after seeing someone else’s profile 😁

            Also, followed you!

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              Haha yes, that's the beauty of getting inspired by fellow IHs

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    I typically go through new posts and open up anything that catches my eye - and leave some comments if I like how the conversation is going, or if I have learned anything.

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    I know he is controversial but I really like James Altucher as a business person. He is brilliant in my view. One of his main mantras is to write down 10 ideas every day. This is a quick and consistent habit to keep you brain and your creativity active, and make you sharper. I don't know if there's any science behind it, but man - it works.

    I believe that writing down content and showing up is a great habit that not only gives you a more systematic way to 'create' content - which back in the days would be called 'having interesting conversations' in the community but also increases your accountability.

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    I've also got into the habit of checking IH several times a day in a bid to stop me mindlessly scrolling on YouTube (Not on social media apart from LinkedIn)
    This weekend though I came up with an idea in that, if there's no posts that catch my eye - I'm going to take a gander at the growth and interview sections of the site instead -(links below) That way I'm still learning about the journeys of other Indie Hackers.


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    Seems like we share the same struggle lol!

    I feel like the people on here are providing so much value - and that the bar is high for posting.

    This is why I like to comment instead, there is less pressure 😄

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      Agree - There is sooo much value on this site. Glad I came ot across this Summer as I was able to just comsume and learn so much from those that have posted on here.

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    I also visit IH regularly. Too many times a day actually. I have to keep it under control, otherwise it'll become another form of procrastination ;-))

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    Cool post idea. I wanna start the same. What is PH? I am also on some entrepreneurship discords. When want's to become sth. it is good to surround oneself with likeminded people

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    Pretty relatable 😁

    I also worry about what could be interesting enough to share, but from reading IH for a few months now, I really enjoy the building in public and milestones posts.

    Maybe that's a nice way to start!

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    I was meaning to do the same. One thing I do consistently on Twitter is to share progress on the apps I'm building.

    So right now I'm posting my weekly updates on Weekly Updates and spend that day engaging with the rest of the posts in other groups, catch up on what's happening in general.

    You could also try to do something similar. i.e, keep 30 mins or so daily blocked for indie hackers and spend some time here. You'll eventually figure out what to post, how can be helpful to others, etc :)

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    @Zdanovi build productive habits using a Habit Tracker which is present within your browser new tab such as www.derigodash.com :-)

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    I have the same goal, i want to engage more with the community , i work on my projects, as and when i need some feedback or make some progress i update it on Indiehacker.

    You can subscribe to indiehackers emails, so if you go through your emails everyday, this might help you to have a look at Indiehackers.

    Alternatively, i created a creator’s digest which includes top tweets from creators and posts from indiehackers and hackersnews and sends you a snapshot everyday in the morning!

    I did this yesterday! You can create your own or subscribe to mine -https://app.mailbrew.com/rahultyagicom/creators-digest-hVOyAvI0zfVL

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    Relatable! Trying to spend more time interacting with IH users - some inspiring people here! But also mindful that every second spent on IH takes away from building and launching...

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    Thank you for all the replies and upvotes! All these dopamine hits will definitely help in building a habbit 😊

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