Growth January 20, 2021

Visualize Value: Productising a design agency business to $1 million yearly revenue under 2 years

Poh Jie (PJ) @pohjie
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    Sorry I only just got round to reading this 🙈 This is exactly the type of depth around the creator’s backstory that I was hoping you would share. It’s amazing / reassuring that Jack went so long without earning revenue, great to see insights into his mindset at that point and how he kept experimenting. Looking forward to part 2!

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      Thanks for the support! And yes it's really helpful to see the duration that creators can take to make their first internet dollar. I've actually already released part 2 on!

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        Oh wow, part 2 was even better. I love the call outs highlighting the benefits of each thing he did, particularly this one:

        “ 💰🗓 March 30 2020: $5k sales in 24 hours. The trick? A substantial price increase + limited time is always an amazing combination to drive sales. This is a strategy often used- selling at a cheaper price initially to validate market + collect testimonials, then raising the price.”

        The price increase + limited time is definitely something I’ll try. But I’ve also been overlooking the value of collecting testimonials early on 🙌

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          From a consumer's perspective, I actually think collecting testimonials ASAP is much more important than any 'flash sales'. At least for me, seeing the social proof influences my decision much more. All the best for your CRM project!

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    Thanks for writing this! I really like how you added your own visuals to further illustrate your point! Any chance you were inspired by Stratechery?

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      Hello @blackqueen yes I was inspired by Stratecherry! Did my amateur drawings gave that away? 😅

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        Haha yes! There's a bit of Stratechery vibe there. Anyway you got a new fan, keep up the good work! 🤛

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