Voice Up in 2021

Today, web dev is about more than pixels on the screen. Start exploring voice development with Alexa. When you have time, consider my FREE intro course on building Alexa Skills.

What you'll learn:

  • How to plan and design custom Alexa Skills
  • How to work with Alexa Skills in the Developer Console
  • How to reason about Alexa Skill Invocation
  • What makes up the Alexa Skill Interaction Model
  • The basics of Alexa Skill Intents and Functions
  • How to harness the Alexa Dialog Model
  • The basics of writing code for Alexa Skills
  • The basics of attribute persistence in Alexa Skills
  • How to harness the powerful NEW Built-In intents
  • How to enhance premium skills with SSML speech output
  • How to use the awesome NEW APL (Alexa Presentation Language) interface
  • How to make money with NEW ISP (In-Skill Purchasing)
  • Basics of testing Alexa Skills


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