Waitlist of 1,000+ founders for Launch Day

I am the founder of customerdiscovery.co and we are launching within the next 12 weeks. I need to speak with as many founders of software products as possible even. if they are currently in the idea phase as well as people who fit the early tech adopter archetype.

I love talking to you guys about your ideas and it helps us iterate over our prototype leading up to alpha launch to ensure we release a valuable platform for you.

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    Sounds good! best of luck!
    I'm building https://queues-app.com feel free to reach out on [email protected]

    1. 1

      Thank you! email me at [email protected] to tell me more!

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    Yeah would love to talk to you twitter.com/tomgrigory
    I am building Curiousfounders you can early sign up for it here producthunt.com/upcoming/curiousfounders

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      Let's connect! I'll sign up now! Email see at [email protected] so I can show you our prototype! You may be a good fit for our first 50 founders

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        Yeah. Let's connect my mail id is [email protected] and twitter is twitter.com/tomgrigory .

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    Awesome Ehan! I'm glad to have a chat with you.
    I'm building SocialQ at MVP stage, focused on getting the first customers (2-10).

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      Actually nvm I don’t have your email lol mind sharing it? Mine is [email protected]

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