Want To Learn Marketing? Try This "Free MBA"! 📚

Learning how to market yourself more effectively is a must-have skill for any founder. As a designer and illustrator, I was always more of a person who knew about design. Marketing was relatively a new area for me.

However, over time I have invested time into learning it myself and although some parts are still tough to figure out, I have found some amazing resources that are now my daily source to new knowledge.

One of the most useful places I have found is the list of guides available on Quicksprout's website. They call it the "Free MBA in digital marketing and business". It's basically multiple guides combined into one for easier access and it will teach you all the important aspects of marketing. I'm still working my way through these!

Quicksprout Internet Marketing MBA -> https://www.quicksprout.com/mba-digital-marketing/

I would highly suggest all fellow indie hackers to check it out whenever you can! Do you also refer to any particular source that others might find useful? Make sure to share it with the community in the comments down below! 👇

Let me know if you find this useful because I am planning to do one weekly post dedicated to share the most useful knowledge resources I refer on regular basis!

Siddhita ❤️

P.P.S - Don't just read these guides. Learn and execute in new ways to see what works for you and what doesn't. Execution>Theory 🎯

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    Indie is lonely. Indie 2.0 is here - 2 people, twice as much fun

    To be honest I don't want to learn marketing. I would rather share the fun and find a cofounder/partner.

    We brainstorm our ideas together, decide the best one to start with. Then I build it and you sell it. We share the revenue.

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    This is really thoughtful! ✨
    No doubt learning to market ourselves is crucial in today's world. Thank you for sharing the resource!👍

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    This looks like a really cool resource, thanks for sharing!

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