Want to list your course on our Marketplace?

Hey Indie Hackers!

We recently launched the MVP of Early Bird on Indie yesterday. We are looking for course creators that would like to be part of our beta period and list their course for FREE! Here's how Early Bird works.

  1. List your course with a discount for the first X amount of users. (Ex: $100 off for the first 25 signups)

  2. We will list your course on our marketplace as well as announce you on our social media, email list, ect.

  3. When your listing is ready we will give you access to your dashboard where you can see how your listing is doing. (# of upvotes and users that redeem your discount) You also have the option to activate and deactivate your listing whenever you would like.

The goal of Early Bird is to provide great deals for first time users (Early Birds) We want to help you get your first 1,000 customers by offering deals, and some good ol classic FOMO.

If you are interested in listing your course on Early Bird you can fill out the form below. We will notify you once your listing is ready to be listed and approved.



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