Want to see the (embarrassing) first version of my website?

Here (image above) is the first-ever PeopleFish website?

Circa 2017.

I'm almost embarrassed to share it.

Nothing special. Just one page and a pop-up form that required WAY too much information.

But it worked out! More than 40 clients came through this landing page over several months.

The site got a major (much-needed) facelift the next year.

As the best Founders will tell you, if you're not embarrassed by your first version (of anything), you launched too late!

  1. 2

    The point you're making is that even if you suck at making landing pages, but you have a good valid business solution, people will buy it?

    1. 1

      My only point is that your landing page (or anything you're doing, for that matter), doesn't have to be perfect. Especially at the very beginning. Better to launch with something imperfect than to never launch at all!

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