April 11, 2019

Want to Share Idea, but Fear of Idea being Stolen.

Matthew Mukalere @Matthcw

It's important to validate your idea before you even think of building it. You want to make sure that it's not a waste of time, with no market, that's why you want to share it at first.

Personally, I've feared sharing my greatest ideas, out of the fear that someone someone would take my idea before I make it. But if I at least began making it, I reasoned that it would deter people from stealing my idea, since they see that my idea "has already been done", so they wouldn't bother.

I was wondering, does/has anyone else gone through this?

What are your recommendations when it comes to the best mindset to have when it comes to Sharing your project?

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    Chances are your idea is not original and 100 others have thought of it. If it doesn’t exist, you probably just haven’t looked hard enough or nobody is willing to make it for X reason. You have nothing to lose by sharing your ideas. You think people would have jumped on the idea of sharing only 150 characters or less? Yeah...

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      Thanks for your insights, I agree!

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