Looking to Partner Up August 31, 2020

WANTED: Long-term Partner, CTO, & Co-Founder | Budgeting & Bill-Pay platform (Thoughtful designs that challenge Mint & Quicken)

Nicholas @nicholasd

If you think we're a working match...that's great! Please reach out via email (Address is in my IndieHacker profile). I'd love to talk with you, get to know you, and share more details.

-Created multi-billion dollar proposals for a global multi-billion-dollar, publicly-traded, wind-turbine supplier. This was a cool experience, but I’ve learned that the corporate culture is NOT for me.

-Co-managed $800,000 of my school’s endowment fund. This was also a neat experience; however, I’ve realized I don’t like being in the business of consistently outperforming arbitrary benchmarks.

-All of the books from Jason Fried, DHH, and Ryan Singer’s (creators of Basecamp.com) have deeply impacted my thinking about how to run a company and treat my co-workers. Those guys are responsible for me wanting to own a remote, private company that encourages people to work a MAXIMUM of 40 hours per week. Consider reading their books. They’re incredibly awesome people, and I admire their work greatly!

-I LOVE LOVE LOVE personal finance and great, simple design. I’m a firm believer that well-created, simple products should not require manuals. So many companies today create edgy designs that are not obvious. Not cool. So…the Venn diagram of these 2 categories is to build a non-clunky, and “Oh yeah, I get it!” personal finance tool that is a one-stop-shop for younger people to best understand/manage their finances and pay ALL their bills.

-Because I love the product design role so much, the main designs have already been created, and I have a clear vision of what our “Version 1.0” will look like. These designs just need to built by someone. Maybe that’s you? Also, designs are fluid over time; just because the main designs have already been created today does NOT mean they will be used 10 years from now. We’ll work together and implement our new, vetted ideas as they come to us.

-You’re self-directed. You’re also NOT just another “coder” or “engineer.” You want to understand the business/marketing side as well. You really want to sink your teeth into a serious project. You want to see the financials of the business. You’re someone who is always respectfully, brutally-honest with their co-workers, and deeply cares about understanding our future customers. You have a passionate voice about helping people save their money and want to share it publicly.

-You know how to code in HTLM, CSS, Ruby on Rails, & can create custom graphics that elegantly present customers' data from Plaid.com or MX.com.

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    text me!

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    Hi Nicholas,
    I am interested in..

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    Hi looks interesting. I’m no good with Ruby (working with Node.js) but would love to connect.

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      Please email me :)

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    You might want to break this into two roles. There aren't many engineers who are also a good fit for a CTO position, on top of that you are requesting someone who is good at design I'm afraid your pool might be very small/non-existent.

    I can see your vision based on what you're describing in this post. If I were you I'd partner with a product designer first. Really design the product, and hire a cheap freelance engineer to build it. After you get some customers and validation I'd bring in a CTO and build it properly.

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      Hey Shane,

      I think we just think differently about partners. I want to partner with someone who has an opinion from the ground up. Someone who puts careful thought into details. Yes, I realize my "pool" will be small, but all I need to find is just 1 person. And for clarification, I would be the main product designer. I love this role so much! Could never give it up.

      Thanks for sharing. I know your feedback came with kindness intended :)

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        Ha of course! The reason I said that is because I've been trying to hire a designer/engineer for 3 months and have been unsuccessful. I'm still looking, but getting very close to hiring a designer and an engineer. Finding people who can design and code seems to be wishful thinking.

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          For my situation, I'm not asking anyone to design full-time, but I'm more than willing to listen to their design ideas, if they have any. That being said, I can see how waiting 3 months to find a partner can cause you to think that way. We'll see what happens!