Watch me build a product and launch in 30 days with just HTML and CSS

There is a misconception floating around that you need to follow a certain roadmap and learn a lot of technologies to create products that people will love to use. Words like LAMP, LEMP, MERN, MEAN come to squash every aspiring web developer's dream to create their own products. It seams that it will take forever to master one of those stacks to be able to create a product that is so useful people will actually pay money for.

I am starting an experiment about how I build a product and launch it in 30 days with just HTML and CSS and would like to invite you to join me as I tweet my progress, challenges and results with full transparency on my actions and the reasoning behind them.

My craft is making HTML templates and recently I've launched my main project Inovatik.com as a Free resource for devs and makers on Product Hunt. It won 3rd product of the day . Quite successful for a project built with just HTML and CSS.

Now I want to channel my energy and focus on a paid product to support my dream of making a decent living from creating my own web products. It will be a paid HTML templates website focused on converting the value I can offer in $.

I am a marketer that learned design and code by building projects to meet the goals of my employers, my customers and ultimately my own. I always learn by doing since I get bored fast of long courses. Results keep me focused.

For this 30 days journey I am taking with me some marketing skills, good design abilities Photoshop and Illustrator, good HTML CSS and that's about it. Besides these I also carry a lot of motivation because my savings are only enough for this last push.

If the product fails I will need to go freelancing full force to survive and will put away the product making dreams for a while. Nothing wrong with freelancing it's just that it's not my idea of freedom. And everything I fight for is being a free person. Not everyone's priority I know and that is Ok.

Many of you already have these minimum coding skills or you are trying to find motivation to start learning. My experiment can inspire you to create something similar with the resources you already have available in a short time span.

Also I would like to emphasize that HTML and CSS are quite easy to master and very few peers believe they can build a paid product just with them. They move quickly to JavaScript, get stuck and lose motivation.

There are opportunities at every level of web development if you can deliver complete products. You can find good jobs based on completed projects, make money on the side or even a good living if you invest the required time.

During these 30 days I will tweet daily about my progress, challenges and the launch results. It will be exciting both for you and me. So if you are somewhat a beginner web dev, advanced FE dev or an aspiring product maker I invite you to follow me on Twitter @luciantartea to take part in the journey. This is Day 1 of my #launchin30HTML

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    Good luck Lucian!! excited to see how it plays out

    1. 1

      Thank you very much Curran, I am grateful for your support. I will document all the steps on twitter and on this landing page I've created for the project https://launchin30html.carrd.co/

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    How do you plan on being able to do... anything, with just html and css?

    how are you going to take payments, or have user accounts etc?

    1. 1

      Hi Primer, very good question. The presentation website + the templates themselves are HTML and CSS. Payment and product delivery will be handled by Gumroad which is easier to learn then H from HTML. It took like 5 mins to setup this product page for my previous website: https://luciantartea.gumroad.com/l/hBLIf

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    Your website link is broken. What are your thoughts on Tailwind CSS?

    1. 2

      Thank you very much for letting me know, that's very kind of you. I fixed it. About Tailwind CSS I think it's an awesome framework that will continue to grow beautifully. Also my opinion is that it's more web app oriented than presentational websites

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