Watch tutorials, read docs or browse the web in Floating Windows while you work on your projects.

Hey everyone,
I've been working on my project, Slate, and trying to define the right audience for it. It's currently in a soft release stage where I'm collecting feedback from the initial users and trying to define the path that it should take.

For context, here's what the app is about:

Slate lets you multitask without you having to constantly switch windows.
Image picture-in-picture, but for anything that you'd like.
And you get to open as many windows as you like that stay on-top of what you're doing.
Whether you want to:

  • Follow tutorials in real-time as you code or design
  • Relax with games as you watch your code compile
  • Browse docs as you bring your next project to life
  • Or do all of them at the same time!
    Then Slate is perfect for you!

And not only that, but Slate also let's you float as-many and any of your favorite websites or local files so you can always stay on top of the things that matter most to you!

That's the base functionality of the app, along with some common use cases.
I know there's a market for this type of an app as apps such as Helium for Mac have shown in the past. And I'm trying to capture a similar audience for Windows by providing a similar but better and a more clean experience with more functionality.

So my question is how should I go about finding the right audience for the app?
Is it something that'll be helpful to or you'd wanna use it?
And I'm not the best at copy-writing, so what am I missing when trying to explain the app?

Your feedback would be appreciated, the positive and the negative.

Also, you can also visit the official site for more details on what the app is and if you'd like to try it out.

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    Personal observation. Your site looks AMAZING. But it is totally unreadable. I saw it a few days back when you posted it else where. But there is way too much animation. I scrolled and saw like an "L" in the first message. I had to scroll up and down 2-3 times to actually read what it says. The "Elevate your screen" part. And then there is way too much animation to read. I gave up after that.

    I am not sure about the execution but the base idea is solid about preventing alt tabs is good. I have 2 monitors to solve the problem you are talking about. I do not know if I can get used to something unimportant taking up space in my field of view while working on something else. But maybe you will get used to it and it might be people who cannot have another monitor for what ever reason.

    1. 1

      I agree with the above feedback.

      Was trying to see what helium did but there site is no longer available
      Might be interesting to learn from their pivot
      People who primarily work on laptop may be your key audience... run it past them and observe their usage and feedback

    2. 1

      Thanks for the feedback Prashant.

      So far I've gotten mixed responses about the animations on the site. It's mainly divided into 2 categories, when I show it to the design community they tend to like it but when I show it to the maker community they aren't really a big fan of all the moving parts. So for that I'm thinking of adding an option to reduce/stop the animations on the site though that doesn't seem like the best way to go about it.

      As for the "Elevate your screen" part, that's meant to be a revealing light sweep effect, though I do get that makes it harder to read, so I might let the effect be there but make the text visible at all times so it's readable before and after the light sweep as well.

      And as for taking up your field of view, it's made so that you can adjust the opacity and even click through it without directing your focus to another tab or even to another monitor. So far though, it seems like people who have a single monitor have found it to be the most useful and that's understandable

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