We are collecting early adopter and would like to get your feedback about our landing page!

I am currently developing habyte.app with my friends and plan to launch the app in December. The goal of our landing page is to collect early users for our first beta release.

Habyte is an automated habit tracker. The app allows users to build good or break bad habits while automatically tracking your progress to remove the effort of manual logging.

I don't want to say too much, please check it out and provide your feedback, positive or negative. I am already excited to hear your thoughts.

We thank you in advance!

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      Awesome... Here is a tool that lets you give video feedback with no extra software installation. https://crowdcheck.me/feedback?url=https://habyte.app/

      You can hide your face by toggling through the camera modes, in case you do not want to show your face.

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      Thank you for your comments on our design.
      You mentioned some great suggestions and found issues in the design, that we overlooked.
      We will definitely take a look and try to optimize our landing page based on your feedback.

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      Thank you for your great feedback.

      You are right, in the context of tracking habits "Push your limits" might be the wrong goal.
      Regarding how the automation work: Maybe we should change the order and present our examples right after the hero.
      To describe it even better we should maybe simplify this section to give more insights into currently available automation. What we currently offer is to automate the tracking based on the location as you already guessed. The second sample should show how we are using usage data to track habits. Yes, this is also a functionality provided by the device, but in contrast to them, we can support the usage of apps. For example the usage of a fitness app that you have on your phone.

      A short summary of what we will try to change:

      • Find a better text for the top
      • Maybe replace the order of the content to present the automation functionality earlier
      • Make clear which automation are available and how they can help to build new habits

      Thank you again for your feedback, this was very insightful.

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    Thak you for the great feedback. We reacted on it and updated our landingpage at habyte.app.

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    Hey @Dajo - I'd incorporate more visuals of the app and how it's used. Maybe animations that show the steps. I'd change the "Features" headline to something more captivating. People buy benefits and transformation, not features. Social proofing would be great too. Testimonials, new signups, etc. Keep it up!

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      Hey @DavePoly, thank you for your feature. Yesterday we updated our landing page to visualize the benefits and functionality more clearly.
      We are still missing a social proofing, but we have not launched and not many early tester so for us, it is currently hard to find a good way to deliver this proof.

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