We are offering $100k to help find our next CEO

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    Wanted to try something fun so did this...So far over 400+ submissions, 2k+ likes on tweets we posted and a few press reaching out to us.

    Good idea for other businesses to think of creative ways to do their recruiting.

    A key thing for us is how to integrate our community in our recruiting for the company...

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      Hey @noahkagan
      Love your content. Please make more videos on business related topics - idea validation/marketing/customer even they don't get same views 😂

      1. 2

        Will do man. Yea, it's weird which stuff gets watched. Doing my best to share what we are learning at the company.

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      Love the creativity of this approach and the transparency around the process. Would love to to read a recap of it once the dust settles.

      1. 1

        Good suggestion. It's on our list to recap.

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      Congrats on the PR stunt! Would love to see what's the fail % of the "Helsinki Test". Also, it's outrageous that tacos are not mentioned as a requirement.

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        True, we should test the CEO by choosing the right hot sauce!

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      Such a great idea - came across a startup recently that is looking at doing this at scale: www.candidate.co.

      Not involved with them at all - this is pretty good validation for their approach / business model of affiliate recruiting. Will tag them on Twitter to check it out.

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        Checking them out. Thanks for the rec.

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    Doesn't seem like a lot considering how hard it is to hire now in the US. Everyone is perfectly fine sitting at home receiving unemployment, child support and stimulus checks.

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    This is awesome, I want $100K!!

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      I WANT to give you the $100k. Email [email protected], if you have anyone you recommend.

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    If you want to run it to the ground you should pick me 😏

    1. 1

      haha, ill consider it 😂

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    Damn Noah, whether you find the next great CEO or not, the reading itself is worth enough for it's readers looking getting in the hire or fire game. Wish you all the best - karanveer :D

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      Thanks Karanveer. Cool name!

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        I might be outdated on the matter but did you happen to shortlist or get the personality you were in search for?

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    Wait, what if multiple people referred the same guy who eventually gets hired?

    First-referred or last-referred basis?

    Is there a 30-day cookie for each referral? 😂

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      Great questions. We should hire you for our legal team!

      First person in would get it. We'd also probably give bonus to the second person.

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      ugh...thanks. back up now. ill monitor that.

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        the service is down again.

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