We built AI name generator for podcasts and gained 3rd position on Google after 3 days. Driving more than 10k visitors monthly

Wanted to share how SEO combined with building a simple product can be powerful.

We found a keyword sweet spot, built a great yet simple product (over the weekend) that outperforms the competition and now we get huge traffic monthly from it. And it's quite simple to spin-off for other keywords.

Check it out here

Or type "podcast name generator" to Google.

Hope it will inspire some of you!

  1. 2

    Now it's only a month and it's the first result!

  2. 1

    That was brilliant. Now I just need to find my Podcast name. Keep creating legend

  3. 1

    Nicely done. What tools did you use to SEO the page?

  4. 1

    Do you guys do hosting too?

    1. 2

      What do you mean by hosting?

      1. 1

        Basically, I made https://justcast.com/ A podcast hosting service that integrates with Dropbox. Would you like to set up time for us to chat sometime next week to see how we can work together?

      2. 1

        thanks for replying. I meant does welder provide podcast hosting too? Or recording only?

        1. 1

          recording only, sorry for dead late reply!

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