May 22, 2019

We did it: 35K leads in 20 days

Nicolas @nicolas_lekkas

Ahoy IH!

Earlier this year, our sister company Viral Loops created a referral campaign through Messenger for one of the biggest gym chains in Europe. The results? 🤔

35K leads in 20 days. 💥

Viral Loops successfully combined its referral technology with Manychat’s flow system. While the combo was impressive, they still had one more thing to do:

Promote their own program. 📩

And this is how they did it! 👇

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    Big question: how much did it cost?

    1. 2

      Big answer: To begin with, the Viral Loops Messenger Giveaway Templated costs 80€. (
      The referral program also included Manychat Pro - and Manychat charges by the number of subscribers you have. If you take a look at the pricing (, Manychat doesn't name a price for subscribers>25k. However, in our case it cost about 300€.
      There's also the cost of PPC-Ads campaigns which ran with a ~500€ budget.

      The short answer is that the marketing mechanism cost a little less than 1k€ ($1,1k) in total.

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    Hi Nicolas, nice and clean. I really like the template.
    One question: what happened with the Sweet Leaves MX guys? Their review is chilling and it would be great to understand what lead there and how to avoid it in the future . Thanks!

    1. 1

      Hi mate!

      Sorry, I'd be lying if I told you that I knew anything about the story behind this review. I mean, I had to google 'Sweet Leaves MX viral loops' to understand what you're talking about.

      But as Sweet Leaves said, "let's see how this turns out." :)

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    This is enormous! Let us know how many convert as well (if you are able to share those numbers).

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      I don't know the exact number, but what I do know is that the sales were in the thousands.