We ended up 7th on Product Hunt. Do you celebrate or not? With stats.

hello everybody.

Soooo yes, that was it.

Well, these are the analytics for our launch yesterday.
After being in 8th, 9th, and 10th position we ended up in 7th.
This is the launch:

The first time I launched Wicked Templates ended up in the 5th position, despite it was an MVP.

Yesterday, we launched also an offer with our bundle.

  • The 10 first purchases at $29. ** Sold.**
  • Next 20 purchases at $39. 11 left by now
  • Rest of the day! at $49.
    -Original price is $149. Offer only today!

We have a bar showing how many of the bundles are left, which is pretty fancy and it shows this msg:

We decided to let it go until Sunday, because why not, right?

Which is fine.

At least ego says so.

Have a great day!

  1. 3

    Do you want some perspective about being in 7th place? here you go - how many people are in position 11 through infinity for not being able to get something far enough to even get on PH? How many flame out along the way? Considering you are offering something to a very niche user group it's a solid win. Yes, go celebrate.

    1. 1

      that's a beautiful perspective.
      It is very niche yeah, I might have been comparing it with wickedblocks.dev, which is also in the same niche, but free.

      I had to niche down, because at beggining I was offering from 3 different frameworks.

      It just feels like awkward position on 7th, you are liked, but not enough :-) and is nothing wrong with but,, is just wierd.

      I am thankful, that's for sure.

      1. 2

        oh, and since it was on PH twice, once in position 5 and again in position 7 you do get to take the average and call it an overall #6 finish ;-)

        1. 1

          hah, sold. i keep the idea :-)

  2. 2

    Always celebrate, wickedly then move on. Launching is just the start you know that 😎

    1. 1

      I ended up dancing Macarena. 😁😁

      1. 1


          1. 2


            or macaren.ai 🤔

            New business idea 🧠

              1. 1

                Don't forget me when you sell it for $10010010101010

                1. 1

                  i haven't bought it. it doesn't says wicked.....

                  1. 1

                    U do be missing out...

  3. 2

    Well done, it’s a nice PH page. If it’s any help, the English is a bit wrong in some places and it can be off putting when reading the screenshots. Otherwise good work!

    1. 2

      Yeah, you are right.

      Is something that I try to keep improving all the time, you should have seen before, it was awful.

      Thank you for the heads up!

  4. 2

    Great job, I upvoted and can't wait what comes from your ""factory"" next

    1. 1

      We are already working on something at Wicked Labs. Woop woop!

      Maybe, in a couple of months is out.
      Thank you for the upvote Orlie!

  5. 2

    I bought the bundle yesterday because I'm working on a Vue/Electron/Tailwind project, and I'm using some of the wickedblocks components to save myself time and headaches. Figured it'd be good to support the launch!

    1. 1

      oh, wow! how kind. Thank you so much for that support!

      I would love to see the results and show it in our expo.

      Good luck with your project!

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