We got our 250th user. ✨

It has been 7 months since I launched Whatnote, a free, small and easy note taking extension that works on your desktop browser (Google Chrome, Firefox)

I have been getting some really nice feedback from our users in how Whatnote has improved their productivity.

What makes it easier for the users is Whatnote replaces your current browser tab and makes it a notepad for you, which is the fastest and most accessible notepad on your computer.

While I was checking the analytics yesterday, I was surprised to notice that 45% of users are from India where as rest the are from other parts of the world. 🌍

If you haven't tried Whatnote yet, I am sharing the link so that you can try it out. It's free. 👇‍‍👇‍‍

👉‍‍ Download Whatnote for Google Chrome:

👉‍‍ Download Whatnote for Firefox:

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