We just launched Catalist - an app to save movies, shows, and books all in one place

Hi guys! My partners and I met on IH and just launched the MVP for our iOS app Catalist, which lets you save and share things you want to do. We're starting out with movies, shows, and books, and planning to expand to other categories like podcasts, restaurants, and more.

The basic premise is that our lives are inundated with recommendations from tons of different sources (content providers like Netflix, websites like Thrillist or Reddit, when talking with friends over Zoom, things you discover when walking around your city, etc), but we lack a great tool for saving these things as we learn about them. As a result, we waste time researching later on (the average Netflix user wastes ~20 min per day browsing for something to watch).

Our goal is to help people:

  1. Capture in person and in-the-moment recommendations in order to eliminate browsing
  2. Consolidate recommendations and notes for all your hobbies into a single app
  3. Offer a better option for saving things to do than your standard notes app

We'd love for some early testers who would be willing to try out Catalist and provide feedback! Thanks so much

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