We just launched Weekend Club in US time zones 🇺🇸

I'm delighted to announce that from this Saturday, January 9th, Weekend Club will be available weekly to those in USA & Canadian time zones as well (not just GMT).

~8am - 3pm Pacific~

~10am - 5pm Central~

~11am - 6pm Eastern~

You can sign-up for your 30-day free trial: https://weekendclub.co/americas 👈

For those new to us, we're the remote, weekend co-working club for bootstrappers - we help you ship that side project faster. 🔥

Our community's built around weekly Saturday working sessions with a standup, lunch (office hours, Q&A or guided discussion) and retrospective.

Since our first session at Ministry of Startups in 2019, our mission's been to build a fun environment to meet fellow bootstrappers, stay accountable & support each other.

I never imagined back then we'd become remote, 50 Weekenders strong and about to open in a US time zone!

Thank you to everyone who's been part of the journey so far, the community is quite literally nothing without you.

This is a new chapter for Weekend Club, and I couldn't be more excited to help bring our humble continents a little closer together. ✨

Any questions, just let me know in the comments 🤠

  1. 3

    Looking forward to it! FWIW, I would have signed up without the free-trial. I think your positioning is clear and compelling, and the price is well within affordable loss.

    1. 1

      👋🏻 — thanks for the follow on IH!

    2. 1

      Love to hear that Spencer. Someday we may remove the free trial, but for now I want to help ensure we're the right fit for new starters. 🙏

  2. 2

    This is great - congrats, Charlie!

  3. 2

    Way to go Charlie!

  4. 2

    Cool - any video reviews/ video testimonials?

    1. 1

      Nope - but I will get some in future.

  5. 2

    Excited to see how it goes mate! Congrats on getting to this point! 🎉

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