Growth July 20, 2020

We landed Toyota as a client (with Case Study)!

Gonzalo Mordecki @gonzamordecki14

Hey Guys,

A couple of months ago I wrote to a former digital marketing teacher I had in 2016. He has an agency now called "Soul Marketing" here in Uruguay.
I told him about and how it helped to increase conversions of landing pages.

He congratulated me on the tool and told me he was running a campaign for the "Toyota Prius C", that we could use our tool on that landing page.
We tested different titles, copy and Call To Action on the landing page. We are doing another experiment now, so I don't want to give the link, because that will mess up the results.

We found that the title:

"Be part of the Hybrid Technology of the Toyota Prius C can save you up to 40% on gas" converted +18% better than the original "Welcome aboard the Toyota Prius C with Hybrid Technology", with 95% confidence 🚙

They were glad about the results and just us told they will pay to keep using the tool!

It feels amazing, and it's going to give us a lot of validation.

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    Felicidades Gonzalo.

    Seguir trabajando duro, le echaré un ojo a AB testing en cuanto salgamos de beta, puede que nos ayude con Wicked Templates.


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      Seguro les puede dar una mano! Muchas gracias por tu comentario.


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    Wow, congrats Gonzalo!

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    Congratulations @gonzamordecki14. Great to see this.

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    Amazing Gonzalo, you can be proud

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      Thank you david! Keep up the good work!

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      Jaja! Gracias! Sos de acá o conoces la frase?

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    Wow! That's amazing. Hope you are not charging them the normal rate. :)

    1. 2

      Haha, we wish. I think having them on board is better at this point that trying to charge them more. It's great validation!

    1. 1

      A huge thank you for you man! JustClarify is an amazing idea!

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    That's awesome validation! Congrats!

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    Great story! Congrats :D
    This is inspiring stuff

    1. 1

      Hey! Thank you!

      Yeah! Motivational stuff

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    Awesome milestone! You do know that the landing page URL is in your image right?😂

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      Haha, yes, because I wanted to let everyone know it's real. But in order to go to the specific landing page, you have to type it and search for the specific model. I didn't believe Indie Hackers would go to mess up the experiment. If you have the link there, you just click it!

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    Congratulations! It cannot be bigger than this :) Hoping for more milestones. Best of Luck!

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      Thank you, man! Cheers from Uruguay to India!

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        Cheers to Uruguay as well :) Keep growing.

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    Great work, Gonzalo! Keep it up.

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      Thank you! The same for you!

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    Can you try "save you up to 40% on gas" instead of "Be part of the Hybrid Technology of the Toyota Prius C can save you up to 40% on gas" and tell us what impact that had ?

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      We are running other tests for Toyota right now, but I will keep it in mind :)

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    People love the idea of saving money it seems... 100% understood 'save 40%' and very few understood 'hybrid technology'. It makes sense.

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      Yes! It makes sense! We have seen better increases though!

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    Awesome news, congrats man!

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      Kacper! Great to hear about you!


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    Congrats, thats big! I recently got KPMG as a client and I can share the feeling :)

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    It is always great to get a logo like that.

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      Exactly, we are planning on adding all the logos we have to add the one from Toyota 😎

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        Social proof is a great way to get new customers. Keep it up! :)

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    That's amazing! Congratulations Gonzalo!

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      Muchas gracias Maeva! Un saludo hasta españa!

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    Huge congrats to you, Gonzalo! It's definitely an incredible feeling to get the validation you deserve from a huge client like Toyota!

    Also, I absolutely love the landing page for! Great job!!

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      Hey! Thank you so much for the positivity! Glad to hear you liked it! Keep up your one word domains!

      Cheers! Gonzalo

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