We launched a podcast!

Hi IndieHackers,

I'd like to introduce you to our new podcast - AddictedToBooks - https://addictedtobooks.buzz

We majorly talk about books and give our thoughts on them.

Share with me your thoughts, reviews, book suggestions and finally, how you think we can improve our delivery.


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    Congratulations, Yvette. I've also started a podcast recently so, I might not have great insights about delivery. All I will say is that be consistent and don't give up too quickly.

    Here is some stats that you might find useful:
    There are 2 million podcasts.

    • 90% of them don’t get past episode 3. That’s 1.8 million who quit.
    • Of the 200k left, 90% will quit after 20 episodes. Another 180k gone.
    • To be in the top 1% of podcasts in the world you only need to publish 21 episodes.
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      Hi @primaprashant thanks for your comment. Wow, this is terrifying but I like the intensity.
      Thanks again.

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