We launched Flexmonster Desktop!

Hi everyone!

After working on the Flexmonster project for years, we made a turning-point decision to make it free for everyone who does reporting and data analysis in their everyday tasks. Now our pivot table & charts are shipped not only as a JavaScript data visualization library but also as a desktop app.

While considering technologies for cross-platform development, our choice fell on Electron.js - a framework gaining momentum in the last few years. We built a desktop application that aims at three dominant operating systems - Windows, Linux, and iOS. Anyone can start using Flexmonster in a few minutes after download - now there is no single barrier for non-technical users.

But though aiming to make the work of non-tech people more effortless, we couldn't but keep developers' needs in mind - they can now integrate the pivot table into an Electron app.

I welcome you to test Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts for Desktop - a lightweight reporting tool that provides a rich set of data analysis features like grouping, aggregating, filtering, sorting, and pivot charts.

Once you build a pivot grid with your data, you can emphasize important insights with formatting, customize your report or save results to any format, be it PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV, or PNG.

We just launched the product on Product Hunt, and we would be extremely grateful for your feedback & support!


You can be the first one to try it! Please tell us what you think! <3

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